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Home Preparation Checklist

Exterior & Grounds

- Remove cars from driveway and front of house

- Mow lawn

- Trim hedges

- Hide trash cans, garden hoses

- Straighten lanai furniture

Picture Perfect: Consider power washing, planting flowers, washing windows.

4393 Opana pl-15.jpg

Inside The Home

- Turn on all lights

- Turn off tv, fans

- Hide remotes, trash cans, clothes, cash, jewelry, electronics, valuables

- Open shades and blinds

- Sweep, vacuum floors



Picture Perfect:  Stage the room, hide all cords and cables, remove personal photos, wash windows and doors, straighten drapes, pillows, bedding. Replace burnt out bulbs. 

staging 1.JPG
334 Wekiu pl_-47.jpg


- Hide soaps and cleaning items

- Remove drying racks and towels

- Clean stovetop and countertops

Picture perfect: Clean appliances, backsplash, range hood, add flowers or a fruit bowl, turn on undercabinet lights



- Hide all personal products and medicines

- Toilet lid down

- Pull shower curtain to side to show shower head

- Clean all glass mirrors and walls


125 Holomakani Dr 31.jpg

Click HERE to download our Home Preparation Checklist.


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